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Incoming students

Technical Biology at the University of Stuttgart

This program bridges life sciences and technology and is a one-of-a-kind learning opportunityin Germany. Close-to-research education conveys both a sound knowledge on the natural sciences and a thorough understanding of biology-related technical subjects and engineering/informatics terminology. The introductory courses offer compact in-depth training in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, bioinformatics, process engineering, systems-, technical and general biology (animal and plant anatomy and physiology, industrial genetics, micro-, cell and molecular biology, microbial biotechnology, technical biochemistry, biophysics, bio-energetics). The M.Sc. course profits by numerous international and industrial collaborations and allows to major in the fields 'biomaterials and nanobiotechnology', 'pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology', 'quantitative and experimental biology' and 'systems biology'. Specific education and research deal with subjects in the above and additional areas, including immunology, neurobiology, 'white', 'red' and 'green' biotechnology, plant virology, and bio-process engineering. The well-known study program encompasses a high amount of practical laboratory and data evaluation training; internships or study periods abroad provide insights into distinct working environments. Our degree holders are young sought-after academics with excellent career prospects, with most of them subsequently acquiring a doctorate (PhD/Dr. rer. nat.) degree.  

General Information for Applicants from Foreign Countries (EU and non-EU)

A Bachelor degree in the field of natural sciences does not automatically enable to enter the Master program 'Technical Biology' taught in German language at the University of Stuttgart. Several prerequisites are required for all applicants with international or national B.Sc. degrees, to comply with a) the formalities for enrolment in the M.Sc. program, b) the knowledge background demanded for admission, which requires most of the contents taught in our Bachelor of Science program.

Hence, the documents of international students applying with a Bachelor degree obtained elsewhere will
a) be inspected by the university's Admissions Office for Foreign Citizens and EU-Citizens,
b) if applicable, result in credits for the completed studies, with respect to the specific prerequisites of our M.Sc. program afterwards. This is subject to individual evaluation by the Technical Biology Admission and Examination board and the professors involved, before being accepted by our Admissions Office. If certain course achievements are not fulfilled, they may either have to be caught up in the first terms of the M.Sc. program, or applicants have to complete the B.Sc. course prior to admission for the M.Sc. courses, depending on the decision of the Technical Biology Admission and Examination board.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to get into contact with both the Office of International Affairs and the Admissions Office for Foreign Citizens and EU-Citizens throughout their students' counselling hours prior to any further steps.

Further Information for Incoming International Students